Data communication

Important Notice !!

Grading : att (10), hw(20), mid(30), final(30), proj(10)

1. Term project subjects

* Software defined networking

* Information centric networking

* Network function virtualization

* Massive IoT communications

* mmWave communications for 5G

* Block-chain and networking service

* New P2P and overlay networking technologies

* Distributed system and frameworks for applications

* Data center networking

* Healthnet

* Machine learning for wireless networking

* Industrial Iot networking

* Vehicular communications, V2X and internal vehicle communication (CAM)

* Security for wired or wireless communications

* Visual light communication using Tera-Hz spectrum (VLC)

* Multimedia streaming

* Bio-molecular and nano communication

* Quantum communications

Grading rule for the term project

- Novel idea and Implementation: Best (20)

- Own Implementation : Better (17)

- Novel design and implementation plan : good (14)

- Creative and novel design : not bad (12)

- Existing idea with good presentation: bad (7)

- poor presentation: worse (4)

2. Lab. activity

- Lab. activity or a term project is conducted by individual or group of less than 3 persons

- Lab. activity should be submitted individually to Cyber campus like homeworks.

- Lab. document :

- BYOL for class activity and homeworks with mininet-wifi, wireshark, etc.

3. Homework assignment

- Homework is only accepted through Cyber campus, not via email. (be careful late submission doesn't allow)

- Korean/ English will be okay for a report.

- [HW#5] Distance vector, Link state algorithms :

implement distance and link state algorithm for a given network topology and show your algorithm searches a shortest path successfully.

You can use any language you are familiar, C/C++, Java, Python, JS, etc

- [HW#9] Survey state-of-art technologies for network generation networking; individual homework, only one of group can reuse topic for the term project.

4. Wireshark installation

WireShark menu guide


5. Mininet-wifi installation

Mininet-wifi installation guide (

    1. Download and install VMware workstation

    2. Download Ubuntu 14. 04 virtual disk image (*.vmdk); from web-site

    3. Create virtual machine in VMware with empty disk

    4. Remove the empty disk image and add a new disk with above *.vmdk image.

    5. Boot and login (you can try to install VM tools if needs ) (password:

    6. If you don’t have full size screen, then change display resolution of VM and display setting in Ubuntu

    7. Now, you can have guest Ubuntu.

    8. Lets update,"sudo apt-get update" in a terminal.

    9. Lets intall mininet-wifi following instructions below:

    10. step 1: $ sudo apt-get install git

    11. step 2: $ git clone

    12. step 3: $ cd mininet-wifi

    13. step 4: $ sudo util/ -Wnfvl

    14. Cd /mininet-wifi/examples/ in the installed location of mininet-wifi

    15. Try one example, ‘sudo python’

FYI, vmdk or ova virtual disk for mininet-wifi image is available in Internet.

6. Class schedule